Computer flat wire and color flat wire extruder

Computer Flat Wire and Color Flat Wire Extrusion Machine                    We make solution and machine                   Help installation and Operating                   Ke

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Computer Flat Wire and Color Flat Wire Extrusion Machine
                   We make solution and machine
                   Help installation and Operating
                   Keep Training and maintaining

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1. Professional Engineers and Experienced Sales Team
Team of HOOHA service
NameEducationPositionMainly responsible for projectSpecializing in projectIndustry working history    ( year )
zanyang XiecollegeGeneral EngineerThe total project design and planningpower cable machine15
xiaohua HucollegeVis general engineerThe total project design and planningnet cable,data cable machine10
Changhong ChengcollegeEngineerDrawings and after-sales serviceTeflon,Optical fiber cable machine25
xiuwu ChencollegeGeneral EngineerThe total project design and planningcopper drawing machine15
lixin YuancollegeEngineerThe project design and planningcoppwer wire making technical16
zhenghai Qiucollegecable engineerAfter servicecable making and cable factory management servie15
jinxin LiucollegeMarketing engineerAfter serviceelectrical engineer7
xingguo TangHigh schoolElectrical engineerAfter serviceelectrical engineer10
changqiang LiHigh schoolMaintain engineerAfter servicemachina maintain and install service10
haipin LiUniversityEngineering directorMarketing and salesproject consulting8
sen YangUniversityEngineering translatorMarketing and salesproject consulting5

2. Certificate:

Computer Flat Wire and Color Flat Wire Extrusion Machine

Computer Flat Wire and Color Flat Wire Extrusion Machine

3. Factory and Office:

Computer Flat Wire and Color Flat Wire Extrusion Machine

4. Application:

Specializing in producing computer flat line such as UL2488,2651,2678.

5. Features:

Machine head adopts automatic type and special line-storing set. Because of Taiwan technology's introduction and out many year's making experience, we elevates line's extrusion speed, solving many problems such as thickness's inequality, poor adherence, stress's inequality, copper wire's shrinking after cutting, wire-cutting numbers and lower defective index. It is the best choice for manufacturers of flat cable.

6. Technical Parameter:

Machine typeHH-50-26DHH-70-26DHH-80-25D
Cylinder diameterφ50mmφ70mmφ80mm
Screw informationL/D-26:1 10-100rpmL/D-26:1 10-80rpmL/D-26:1 10-70rpm
Extrusion capacity80kg/h140kg/h200kg/h
(Max) Line speed(Max)200m/min150m/min150m/min
Wire supply traybelow 300mmbelow 300mmbelow 300mm
Extruder motor15HP motor controlled inverter30HP motor controlled inverter40HP motor controlled inverter
Combined number1-161-641-80
Capstan power3HP5HP7.5HP
Take-up line motor1.5kw motor2.2kw motor3.7kw motor

7. After-sales Service

1).Delivery dates:45 days
2).Payment:TT or L/C
3).Packing: plastic packing to ensure the goods' safety during the transportation.
4).Install and training service:2 professional engineers who has over 5 years overseas installation and cable manufacturing training experience.

8.Contact information:

Phone: +8615015409397
Web: http//
Address: 3rd Floor, Building D, Huifu Science Park, No.38, Houhu Road, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

9. Where we are:

Hongkong airport to Humen by boat: 2 hours
Guangzhou airport to Humen by car: 2 hours
Shenzhen airport to Humen by car: 1 hour
Guangzhou South high speed train station to Humen: 20 minutes
Shenzhen North high speed train station to Humen: 20 minutes


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